応援しています Cheering you up, that’s all













Hi. It’s me again, Juno.

Today, I would like to talk a little about one of the feelings I cherish.

That is, to cheer up the others. I cheer everyone I have encountered.

I think it is because I remember how pleased I was to get cheers when I was having a hard time.

We sometimes need cheers. When then? Isn’t it when things boiled down or when you feel stagnation?
Also, it’s encouraging to have family and friends be with you whenever you’re sad or in pain.

This time, I would like to introduce some methods that seem to be effective when things boiled down or stagnated. So the following is a cheering song from me to you.

First, it seems essential to have good ventilation. If there are two windows, the wind will pass through. If there is another window there, the breeze will circulate better. Why don’t you look for this third window consciously? Then, perhaps you can relax even more.

Secondly, I recommend changing the way you perceive the current situation. For example, it perhaps makes you feel better to know that our time probably circulates from a chaotic stage to an order stage, then a remix stage.

At first, everything is messy and chaotic. Next, you put it in order. After that, you mix it further. Finally, you are making it a little cluttered again and putting it in order again. The feeling of going back and forth between spiral staircases is like the foundation of life. I feel that something is very different depending on whether you see the world this way or not.

Thirdly, when things are stuck, the tone of your voice becomes rough or throwing away, so why not try to speak gently? In this way, it’s easy to get other people to feel familiar with you. Familiarity, I think, is lovely.

I wish I could go by and stroke your shoulders, but I can’t. So I’d like to talk to you online at the very least. My feelings are always by your side.

May your airflow get better and better.



PS: I opened my new lesson, so I can precisely cheer you up!

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